Why Choose Artificial for Your Wedding Day



Artificial flowers are incredibly affordable. You can often purchase multiple bouquets of artificial flowers for the same price as one bouquet of fresh flowers. You no longer need to purchase two bouquets if you decide to do a separate Bridal Photoshoot. You can use the exact same bouquet as you plan to use on your big day. Quality artificial florals are truly made to last which makes them far more cost effective. You can also recoup some of your wedding floral cost by finding another happy bride to purchase them after your big day. The other cost-saving benefit to using artificial flowers; you do not need to pay extra for them to be preserved. They will last forever as they are.


Artificial flowers are incredibly low maintenance to use for your wedding. Rather than stressing about keeping your fresh flowers alive due to unpredictable weather or travel, you’ll be able to enjoy your flowers looking perfect and unwilted throughout the entire event and beyond. You won’t need to pay a florist or wedding planner extra to water or spray them throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about any mess or residue caused by wilting flowers and dried petals, dirt, pollen, or other unexpected issues that might arise. You will have enough on your mind for your perfect day. Your wedding flowers no longer have to be a constant worry.


Artificial flowers are reusable. This is not only more environmentally friendly than buying tons of fresh-cut flowers, but it is also convenient for your different wedding needs. If you need to repurpose some of the arrangements for another event or at a different point within your perfect day, they are extremely resilient and easy to move. As mentioned earlier, you can also recoup some of your cost by selling them to another beautiful bride after you have gotten to enjoy them.


There are so many people who suffer from allergies. You can eliminate the worry with artificial flowers. No longer will someone in your bridal party feel centered out for having to use something different or worry about having a reaction.


No longer are artificial flowers frowned upon like they use to be. With today’s society being ever more mindful of the environment and trying to cut costs etc. artificial flowers are becoming more and more popular. The quality of product that is now available far surpasses that of previous generations. More often than not, brides cannot tell that my arrangements are artificial by simply looking at them. Your memories are saved through photos and videos and quality artificial flowers photograph beautifully regardless of the time of year, the venue, or the type of flower.


Artificial flowers are more cost effective. They are environmentally friendly. They can be repurposed in countless ways. They will allow your wedding budget to go much further. They will last a lifetime.