Every Bride Deserves Beautiful Flowers on Their Wedding Day!

We truly love what we do! Specializing in high quality, artificial floral arrangements with budget friendly options and payment plans available.

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    These have definitely been trying times to say the least. Life still goes on, and like many of you, I was planning a wedding in the midst of it all. Throughout my process of trying to find vendors, dresses, florists, and all the things that come with every bride-to-be's well-deserved special day. I was shocked at the cost of everything and lack of timely responses. I am a huge DIY fan if it's doable, however, I do know that not everyone is in a position to go that route...

    So, I made the decision to start my own company dedicated to providing custom, high-quality, artificial bouquet and other floral arrangements and other misc. wedding decor for EVERY bride.

    Budget-friendly and Payment plans are available.